There is also shared for 6 people and 8 people

4 beds

Bathroom in suite with shower

Puerto Safe Spot® per bed

Air conditioning hot / cold

Bath amenities

Individual locker

Towels and bedclothes

Daily room cleaning

Surface of the room: 12 m2


In Puerto Limón we offer exclusive amenities. We want you to feel extraordinary well and make your trip memorable.

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Next to your bed, in the shared rooms, you will find a "Safe SPOT", to keep your devices close while they are being charged and to be able to read with enough light that it does not bother others.
There is always someone who decides to make gnocchi at lunch for everyone, or someone who cooks a barbecue at night. The kitchen is so spacious and bright, that it makes you feel like a Chef. It is open and free 24 hours.
It was difficult to make this photo, because there are always travelers in this space. They connect with the computer, recharge cell phones, share photos, work for a while and post. This is the vibrant space of Puerto Limón. Accessible and free, 24 hours a day.
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Why not? Why not give yourself a taste more, in this fascinating trip in Buenos Aires?

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In Puerto Limón you have a large kitchen, to prepare what you want. And if one day you want to treat yourself, come and try our Lemon breakfast. Check at the reception for the additional cost.
Global warming is a fact. The hot days in Buenos Aires, extend between November and April. The peak is January and February, where you'll want to cool off or sunbathe, to keep up with the city. Check the additional cost at reception and see how much happiness a pool day can give you.
Some say that before noon you can not drink beer. We think that it is not about schedules, but about those who accompany you. Follow us in IG and I got 2x1 in craft beer the day you leave.
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Chacabuco 1080, San Telmo.
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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