Surface of the room: 12m2

Queen double bed

En suite bathroom with shower

Air conditioning hot / cold

Shampoo and hair conditioner

TV with cable channels

Towels and bedclothes

Daily room cleaning

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Why not? Indulge yourself in your fascinating visit to Buenos Aires.

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In Puerto Limón you have a large kitchen, to prepare whatever you like. And for those days you want to indulge yourself, Lemon breakfast. Check at the reception desk for the additional cost.
Global warming is a fact. Hot days in Buenos Aires, extend between November and April. The peak is January and February, where you'll want to cool off or sunbath, to keep up with the city. Check the additional cost at reception and see how much happiness a pool day can give you.
Some say that before noon you can not drink beer. We think is not about schedules, but about those who accompany you. Follow us in IG and I get 2x1 in craft beer on your departure day.
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Buenos Aires is dynamic, vibrant, passionate. It is felt in football, tango and rock, art in the murals, street shows, traffic, pickets (you'll find out what this is about as well). We have selected some activities and tours, which we hope will convince you to come to San Telmo and choose Puerto Limón as a starting point. We will wait for you. Believe us, you will like it.

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Chacabuco 1080, San Telmo.
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Puerto Limon Hostel San Telmo
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