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The essence of Puerto Limón is to make your trip an experience to remember. The spaces make it easy to do friends, to rest, to share a barbecue or a mate with other travelers, cooking together, overcome passionate about football. Make your first  tango steps, share contacts, discover secret places in the city, taste craft beer and much more. Come, you will love it.

In this place, everyone connects. Take the opportunity to work for a while, charge your mobile phone, share photos, post on the networks, exchange travel recommendations and get to know each other. Accessible and free, 24 hours a day.
They are passionate travelers and 24 hours available to assist you. They have the recognition on TripAdvisor and the mention Best Hostel Staff
Day and night, the playground brings us together, after pedaling the city by bike, or before going for a walk. A barbecue, a beer or some empanadas are excuses to sit outdoors and enjoy.
Why not change things a little, and make Puerto Limón reception a craft beer bar? So it is clear that our wave, is always available to talk and make new friends.
What if someone decides to make gnocchi for lunch for everyone or night barbecue? Our open kitchen inspire occasionally Chef day and night.
Not an easy task to to keep up with the most frenetic city in South America. The armchairs and a little penumbra, invites to stop, watch TV, use the computer, connect and keep having fun.
Puerto Limon open kitchen is set for whatever you like to prepare. Yet, when you want to indulge yourself come for breakfast to Lemon, you can even use the pool.
Global warming is a fact. The hot days in Buenos Aires, extend from November to April. The peak is January and February, when you'll want to cool off to keep up with the city. Check the reception for the additional cost and check how much happiness a pool day can give you.
Buenos Aires has as many secret places for travelers willing to discover them. We love exchanging tips and helping to discover what is not on regular guides.
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Buenos Aires is dynamic, vibrant, passionate. It is felt in football, tango and rock, art in the murals, street shows, traffic, pickets (you'll find out what this is about as well). We have selected some activities and tours, which we hope will convince you to come to San Telmo and choose Puerto Limón as a starting point. We will wait for you. Believe us, you will like it.

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Chacabuco 1080, San Telmo.
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Puerto Limon Hostel San Telmo
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